Thursday, October 1, 2009

Avant-Garde Below Zero

Avant-Garde Below Zero.
project by Geoffrey de Beer.


In short, Avant-Garde Below Zero is a controversial artistic project treating of “artificial Avant-Garde Art in the deepfreeze culture” organized by the young artist Geoffrey de Beer

Geoffrey de Beer: "Avant-Garde, often spelled avant-garde, is a term used to indicate actions or movements that are new or experimental in nature. The word avant-garde originates from military practice where it indicates the “advance guard” of highly qualified soldiers that explore the territory before the rest of the army, in order to determine the future course. The avant-garde concept became a metaphor for the work being done by artists and intellectuals by which they draw ahead of the masses. "

This project aimes at artificially creating a new avant-garde movement.

“The first realization of an avant-garde today would be the avant-garde itself.” Guy Debord (The Avant-garde in 1963 and afterwards.)

From November 1st onwards, the exposition will move to Base-B├ęta to be part of the Verbeke Foundation’s winter exhibition.


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